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<span class='qtipspan'>NA86001 Hand painted Porcelain Pot</span><br/> - $125 <span class='qtipspan'>NA2659 Organic Potted Orchid</span><br/> - $125 <span class='qtipspan'>NA37 Orb Lamp</span><br/> - $395 <span class='qtipspan'>NA37 Orb Lamp</span><br/> - $395 <span class='qtipspan'>NA295 Sculpted Horse</span><br/> - $225 <span class='qtipspan'>NA295 Sculpted Horse</span><br/> - $225 <span class='qtipspan'>NAPLMS Porcelain Plum Vase</span><br/> - $38 <span class='qtipspan'>NAJRWW Jade Ring Vase</span><br/> - $38 <span class='qtipspan'>NAFLR205 White Hydrangea</span><br/> - $225 <span class='qtipspan'>NA86003 Hand painted Jar, Small</span><br/> - $85 <span class='qtipspan'>NA86002 Hand painted Jar, Large</span><br/> - $195 <span class='qtipspan'>P5259 Yellow Print Pillow</span><br/> - $125 <span class='qtipspan'>NFLU109 Cambridge Armchair</span><br/> - $1250 <span class='qtipspan'>NFA72061 Painted Irish Pine Console</span><br/> - $2200

Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is. Charles M. Schulz

Random Harvest features a mix of individually chosen, unique pieces from around the world, ranging in style from traditional to transitional and rustic to elegant. Old or new, our criteria are the same; beautiful, functional pieces at affordable prices.

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