We Are Moving!

(Don’t worry just right next door).
We are very excited to announce that we will be moving our Alexandria store on July 29th to a larger and beautifully tricked out new space, next door at 814 King Street.
We will re-open mid-August and Unveil new and exciting pieces in the collection.

"Instant gratification takes too long."

- Carrie Fisher

Random Harvest carries an exceptional handpicked selection of furniture and accessories. From one of a kind and limited edition pieces to our own line of handmade upholstery and pillows. We feature many items that cannot be found anywhere else, and for those of us that want Instant Gratification, most are in stock and available for immediate pick up or delivery.

Please browse our website for a peek at what we are up to and visit one or all three of our locations to see the full collection. With new pieces arriving weekly there is always something new to explore.